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Processing from Competence Interview

What? The interview of competence also named situational or behavioural interview, is a method to predict used by interviewers, to predict, as you can address ‘ with artful ‘ situations which can arise in the future, working with them.
Why? Your past, a gift and the future is – that interviewers search and are interested in when they ask that you have appeared for Competence Interview.
Employers wish to know the best which you have made and-or the best which you can make. They search for the person who can approach is better in a profile of work and to be favourable to the organisation also. Remember small things during interview can to assure interviewers that you are a correct person. Your knowledge, skills and the relation all at the test. It is your work to present the counterbalanced picture of all these three aspects.
The set kompetentnostey which they search in you, can be: – Responsibility – Leadership – Credit status & Ethics – Career prompting – Decision-making – Commercial understanding – Communicative abilities – orientation of Results – the Problem decision – Interaction – the Organization of Skills – the Obligation to rush
This list never, probably, does not come to an end, but will give you wide idea of that, than yours to competence as expect, will be.
How to address from competence interview? Preparation be good to competence interview can your key to success. As you already know work which you asked, ask interviewers in advance a set kompetentnostey which they search also for parametres on which they will estimate you. Your inquisitiveness will make impression upon interviewers.
Vigorously chosen practical experience presented in well formulated stories, would make you good. The handle downwards the key events corresponding necessary kompetentnostyam which can help to speak to you well on interview. Strengthening of these stories certainly will give you edge during interview.
During interview of competence it would succeed, if you remember that:
1. You should give short, fresh and to an essence answer with ‘ confidence ‘. 2. You should be true. If in a problem do not judge ‘ the mouse ‘ you an exit. Your integrity could be placed in a question. 3. You should make sure that your point reaches through. 4. The interviewer listens to you, and you should not try to convince him that you were right. 5. If your history had problems, you have made sure that it has decisions of those problems also. 6. Your last success – your trump card to use it it is good. 7. Granting of additional decisions of problems well. It represents it, you are not impulsive and think over things. 8. You represent the history/point and wait for them to ask more. For this reason they listen to you 9. Zadavanie several general questions on yours ‘ to new work ‘ it can be appreciated.
Try to hold interview light even by the end when you are going to leave. Try to make sure that all interviews of competence resembles conversation more than ‘ interrogation ‘, hence increasing probability of your choice.
The victory of the athlete depends on last knees of race. The strong termination during competence interview can make miracles to prospects you selected first of all others.

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